Propoly Announces Secure Digital ID Solution for Right to Rent

Lettings management software expert Propoly is proud to announce a new partnership with Yoti and the Post Office, the first certified digital identity service provider (IDSP) for Right to Rent checks, under the UK Digital Identity & Attributes Trust Framework. A first for the property rental sector, the move will digitise and streamline the entire Right to Rent check process instead of tenants needing to present physical documents – reducing time and mitigating risk, ensuring compliance and providing the reassurance of secure, encrypted document storage. British and Irish citizens who hold a passport (including Irish passport cards) will be eligible.

Tasking the lettings industry with checking the right to reside in the UK prompted much criticism initially, but many agents now accept it as part of the job. Nevertheless, they remain burdened by extra admin and need to keep an eye open for potentially fraudulent documentation. By integrating Yoti and the Post Office’s proven technology with Propoly’s software, Right to Rent checks will no longer be a drain on agency resources.

Using Yoti and the Post Office for Right to Rent is fast, convenient and eliminates the risk of human error. It also solves the problem of agents faced with having to scrutinise, copy and store a wide variety of unfamiliar documents, passports, Home Office paperwork and other forms.

Potential tenants will have the option of an entirely digital solution or will, in the future, be able to access the service through Post Office branches, for those unable or unwilling to use a digital solution. The partnership of Yoti and Post Office is the first to be a certified digital identity service provider (IDSP) under the UK Digital Identity & Attributes Trust Framework.

Propoly’s Sim Sekhon is very excited about the move. He said, ‘The industry needs this. Whether agents feel they should be carrying out Right to Rent checks or not is no longer the issue. The issue is how to make them so simple, safe and reliable that they are not a problem. Adopting a digital solution is the only sensible way forward for the industry and for any agency that wants to grow. By embedding this functionality within a Propoly reference, agents will now be able to fulfil their Right to Rent obligations without manual involvement. Results from the check will be available as part of your reference report.’

“John Abbott, chief commercial officer at Yoti, says: “Being the first IDSP to be certified, alongside our partner the Post Office, shows our commitment to the market and is a testament to the quality of our digital identity technology. We’re delighted to help Propoly offer digital Right to Rent checks; this will speed up the lettings process, is more secure and could enable tenants to move sooner than if they have to travel and then have their documents photocopied and physically checked. Certification under the Digital Identity and Attributes Trust Framework represents the gold standard of Digital Identity service provision with security and privacy prioritised, meaning clients have no concerns about GDPR.”

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December 2022