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Topic: Features

There are various tenancy management software options on the market, and I can’t imagine trying to do the job without one, but of all that I’ve seen, Propoly is the hands-down winner. I understand it will run on almost any device, but I use it on my phone, It’s the tab that’s always open, the tool that puts everything needed to seal the deal right in the palm of my hand. I think back to the days of rushing back to the office to dig out forms and sign documents and shudder. Propoly makes the lettings process swift but it’s not about shortcuts. It includes everything that you’d expect, all the documentation, signatures and compliance details sorted and all the management info you need throughout the tenancy too.

Josh Wilson
Lettings Manager

“In London, the lettings market is hugely competitive. If a deal isn’t sealed quickly, you can lose it. Speed is crucial, especially at the offer stage. With Propoly, we can get that commitment while we’re still at the rental property – no messing about, and it’s completely transparent, the whole lettings process underway with no hassle for any of those involved”