Case study


Topic: Features

We were looking for something special in a PropTech platform. We found it in Propoly. Integration with our Reapit software was essential, and that proved simple and seamless. It’s made a huge difference to our admin burden – processes flow, checks and balances are built-in, and we have better information on which to make decisions. We’ll admit we were wary about introducing more technology into our operation. We pride ourselves on a friendly, customer-focused approach, but rather than detract from that, Propoly has enhanced it. You can tell the software has been developed with a real understanding of the challenges of property rental, how agencies work and what landlords and tenants need.

Janki Chauhan
Head of Residency and Renewals

“When you’re determined to keep the customer, and meeting their needs, front and centre of your business, you cannot a ord to ignore the technology that facilitates it. Propoly never leaves the customer feeling that they are just another ‘transaction’. The automation gives us the space to create real relationships and a sense of community”