Case study

Jones Robinson

Topic: Features

At Jones Robinson, we’ve made a commitment to embrace new and innovative solutions to enhance what we do. Propoly is a great example of us putting that into practice. It’s a feature-rich platform that streamlines so many aspects of the lettings process. It ensures compliance without being restrictive.

If any changes to an agreement are required, it is a quick and simple process. For us, the whole lettings process has been improved, but all parties benefit. Both landlords and tenants can log in and see all relevant documents, check progress and sign agreements at their convenience. What’s more, tenants find it easy to pay deposits and rent directly through the system. In our opinion, with Propoly, everyone wins.

Vanessa Burgess
Lettings Administrator

“I’m a lettings administrator, but now we’re using Propoly, I’m not bogged down in the paperwork, filing and admin the job used to entail. I can now devote time to looking after our landlords and tenants and supporting my colleagues – safe in the knowledge that all the important elements of my role are under control, on track and fully compliant,”