Case study

J Brown International

Topic: Simplicity

I believe wholeheartedly that technology and genuine customer service can go together. By embracing tech, we free ourselves up to deal with everything that needs the human touch. And when the platform is Propoly, which takes a complex process and simplifies every bit of it, we know we’ve found something that’s in line with our thinking and our business needs.

This is the right time for tech solutions like this. Our clients expect to be updated, they expect to be able to manage things remotely, they expect to be able to access data quickly and to have a complete service that fits the way they want to work.

Propoly has given us all that and made a huge difference to our internal workload. It does so much, yet it’s so simple to use.

James Hutton
Branch Manager

“In property, we need to ensure a multitude of tasks are handled and handled well, so we don’t need extra complications. We need the basics to be made simple and seamless so that we can o er our clients everything they need and the attention they deserve. Propoly has become a valued part of our operation because it simplifies the essentials”